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About Koini

The Koini platforms including Koini Club and Koini Campus sit on top of a single system developed by our parent company Networking Partners Inc. This company is active in developing social technologies and acquiring companies that need partners when developing their social technology ideas.

'Social Technology' seems quite a broad term, we define it as 'Any technology that enables individual and groups of people to connect and socialize in new and interesting ways'. The first real social technology was the telephone. For the first time in history you could speak with someone one on one without having to be in the immediate vicinity. The telephone opened up endless possibilities for people to interact, from all over the world.

Radio and television came along and created central communication tools where news, entertainment and education could be disseminated to the masses. The mobile phone added a portable layer to the social scene of everyone who could afford them initially and then the masses when prices came down.

Then came the Internet, the ultimate social tool. Chat rooms, forums, bulletin boards, blogs and, eventually, social networks have transformed communication across the world to the point where it will never be the same again. Because of the realization that people want and use social technology entrepreneurs have grasped the challenge to socialize everything.

GPS technologies have socialized our everyday movements through ideas like FourSquare or Gowalla. The Playstation generations are not now in a darkened bedroom playing on their own, they are interacting with people from all over the world, whether it be carrying out war missions or playing golf together, the games consoles are now social. Mobile applications and applications for Facebook make everything social from travelling to eating.

Networking Partners Inc aims to take advantage of the social revolution and work to develop social technologies that will help change the world. At any other time in history talking about 'changing the world' may have seemed like a pipe dream, but the new social revolution is taking place in companies like Networking Partners Inc where our team members are focused on helping our customers, clients and investors benefit from our work in social innovation.