The Internet Gateway For Kids


What is KoiniSecure?

KoiniSecure is an internet safety tool designed for everyday life. You decide where your kids can go online and keep an eye on their online activity from anywhere at any time.

Sign up and setup in under 10 minutes to have peace of mind for yourself and your children.

KoiniSecure has tried to adapt your everyday rules to the internet, don't go where I can't see you and don't speak to strangers. We put the power back in the parents hands.

Why is KoiniSecure different?

KoiniSecure believes in family communication and guidance, we don't agree with spying. We believe the internet is a great environment for kids to learn from and develop as multicultural people.

The internet needs to be safe though, KoiniSecure sets a whitelist of sites your child can visit. You can edit and modify this at any time, your child can request to have a site added to the list at any point. This helps start the conversation and helps you understand why your child wants to visit a site like this.

At KoiniSecure we also understand that by switching off a child social networking ability might as well be pulling the plug to their entire social life, social networks are very positive on a young person if used correctly and you can be sure they're speaking to people of a similar age. That's why KoiniSecure have developed its specialised social networks. It will make the transition for them easier, and you can be assured that your kids are in a safer environment.

Why do I need it?

For the same reason that you don't let your child talk to strangers or cross the road without providing guidance.
The internet is a fantastic area for learning and communication but there are dangers to it as with everything else and as a parent, you need to keep your kids safe while they explore.

Do I have to pay for KoiniSecure?

No, KoiniSecure is a completely free internet product and no, there aren't some hidden fees, upgrades or anything else that might cost you money.
There is a child protection act for websites called Coppa. Coppa was introduced so that a website couldn't take personal information from a child under the age of 13 without parental consent. (So for sites like Myspace and Facebook, the kids just say they're over that age and Myspace and Facebook are off the hook if anything goes wrong).

Coppa state that a a parent must sign and fax/email a form authorising their child to speak online, this will be provided to you when you create your childs account. Simply sign and send in the form with a copy of your valid photo ID to the numbers or email address in the download.

How can I join?

Signup is quick and easy, simply visit the signup page and register your details. The signup process will take no longer than 10 minutes.

Just fill out the parent details, child details and download the KoiniSecure browser and you're good to go.

What do I need to make this work?

All you need is an computer with windows and an active internet connection. You will also have to be the administrator of the computer so you can install the KoiniSecure software once you have created your parents and child accounts.

How does KoiniSecure work?

KoiniSecure provides the best of what the internet has to offer, a simple web browser download enables you to manage where your kids go online, it also automatically blocks applications like MSN, Yahoo and AIM.

Does that mean my kids can't visit their favourite sites?

Every child is different, every parent is different so it makes sense that what one person thinks is appropriate for their child might not be what another person agrees with. No problem, with KoiniSecure you can create your own personalised "safe-list" for each one of your children. The list can grow as your children do and you keep in control.

So it blocks chat, how about social networks?

KoiniSecure understands that social networks are vital for the youth of today to communicate with their friends. The only problem with the ones currently available is that anybody from 13 to 100 can sign up and access the same site, so anybody, any age can communicate with each other.

Here at KoiniSecure think social networking is fantastic for kids and we're pleased to provide you and your children with social networks to join that are limited by age so your 8 year old can only speak with kids a similar age.

I have more than one computer

Not a problem, all of your KoiniSecure settings are stored on our secure servers, so you can install the KoiniSecure browser on every one of your home computers and where ever your child logs on. Their personal white-list will follow, you might even consider installing it at grannys house.

How do I use the computer once it's KoiniSecure protected?

Rules are great for kids, even some adults could use them... but if you want to browse the internet using your usual browser and without restriction, simply right click on the KoiniSecure logo in the taskbar and click pause service, enter your parent user and password and your computer will be unlocked. When you have finished browsing just right-click the same icon and press resume service.

I'm having problems

If you're having issues using any of the site please contact us on