The Internet Gateway For Kids

Getting Started

Getting your children signed up to safe social networking on is quick and easy, in a few simple steps you can have everything set up and if you need the KoiniSecure Browser you can have it installed on your system and be reassured that your kids can explore the internet...safely.

To try KoiniSecure for yourself, just go to the signup page. From there, you can create your parent account, set up your children's profiles, and adjust your settings. In just a few minutes, your account will be ready to go.

Just follow these simple steps to setup an account today:

  1. Choose a User Name your account
  2. Enter an email address to activate the account
  3. Decide on a password - something your kids cannot guess
  4. Fill out your account details
  5. Read and agree with the terms and conditions to continue.
  6. Set up your kids' profiles by entering their usernames, names, ages, and genders. (When they upload a photo to the social network it will display in your parent area.)
  7. Validating your account is quick and easy, either download and sign the pre-filled authorisation form at no cost or for your convenience we can charge your credit card $1 to validate your account.
  8. If you would like the safe browser installed for younger children you can install the KoiniSecure Browser on each computer that your children use.

Now you're secure with KoiniSecure, allowing your kids the freedom to safely roam online.

Simple and safe social networking

Your kids can create their own space on the Web using our very own social network, You can work with them to personalize their profile. They can upload photos, create an avatar and let people know a little about them with their personal profile.

Tailor Each Child's Safe-Sites

You can decide where your child can go online, by simply adding or removing sites from the list inside the parent dashboard.

Installation of the KoiniSecure Browser

The KoiniSecure browser keeps your kids where you want them to be on the web, it also blocks instant messaging clients like MSN, AIM and Yahoo, so you always know who your kids are speaking to online.

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