The Internet Gateway For Kids

KoiniSecure Features

Children are connecting more than ever on the internet. Not only are they chatting with friends and discussing similar interests, but the networking skills they learn online can benefit them later on. At KoiniSecure we want to embrace the ways kids are connecting, while making it a safer experience.

As the only site of its kind to use verification processes for under 13's to ensure user verification, KoiniSecure is the new face of safe networking. You have the option of approving every friend in your child's Instant Messenger list first, or allowing Instant Messaging with all other pre-screened members in the We also have internal controls where older members cannot contact members under 18 unless they have certain information and are given permission. Join us as we make exploring the internet a better experience for everyone involved.

Today the internet is an invaluable part of our children's lives. The ways in which they're able to interact and build relationships with their peers will help them develop networking skills they'll need later on. So in addition to the tools we offer parents for managing their children's experience on we also offer a safe browser that parents can install on any or all comouters that their children use, for free.

The KoiniSecure Browser filters the best of the internet for your child meaning they can do their homework, play games or chat with friends while making sure they do it in safety.

The KoiniSecure Browser also acts as an IM blocker, you will no longer have to worry about who your child is talking to on MSN, AIM or Yahoo messenger. Whilst the browser is activated all popular IM programs will be blocked.

KoiniSecure lets children take advantage of all the social and educational benefits of the web, while giving parents the power to guide that experience - and the peace of mind that comes with it. Unlike other sites that have unchangeable lists, KoiniSecure lets you the parent set guidelines on which sites your child will be able to access. Through the KoiniSecure Parents panel, you can add or remove sites they're able to visit.And you don't have to be a computer whiz to know how to get up and running. Why not sign up for free and give it a try?