The Internet Gateway For Kids

What is Koini?

We built as a social network where people could compete against each other to win prizes. We knew that inevitably a network like that would become pupular with young people. So for our youngest members, and in compliance with COPPA legislation, we built several tools to allow parents of very young members to monitor and control the experience that their children would have on We built a downloadable browser which is essentially a filter for the internet that lets you, the parent, decide where your child can go online, who they can talk to while keeping you in the loop as new friends are requested by your son/daughter.

Currently, when you use the internet you will more than likely use Internet Explorer or Firefox, two of the most popular and most common browsers available on the web. Unfortunately, the parental controls that come with using these two browsers are limited and at times, non-existent. There are millions of websites online, with approximately 1 in 10 being pornographic in nature. It makes a parent's job of knowing which sites are appropriate for their children almost impossible.

This is where KoiniSecure steps in: using a unique browser KoiniSecure can provide parents with a safer internet solution. Our browser speaks to a special "safe-list", one that is being constantly updated by the KoiniSecure team. Essentially, the only sites that can go into this safe-list are the ones that have been checked by the KoiniSecure team first and are therefore guaranteed safe. Now you're probably thinking; - "Well that's great but what if I want my child to see sites that aren't in the safe list?" Well, we thought of that too; KoiniSecure has developed a unique safe-listing system that allows a parent to create their own safe-list that works alongside the KoiniSecure safe-list to give your children a completely tailored internet experience.

Facebook, Myspace, Bebo and other social networks have in their terms and conditions that those under 13 cannot join, but it is clear that members of that age are abound on networks with no controls built toprotect them.

Everyone knows that social networks can be dangerous places, especially among young teens who can easily sign up. In February 2009, Myspace attempted to ease people's concerns about their user safety by removing 90,000 users who were known registered sex offenders.

KoiniSecure is combating predators and cyber-bullying by providing people a social network designed and developed by KoiniSecure. has been developed for everyone but with protections for young members so children can still have a social life online under a safe and secure environment.

By allowing parents to monitor their under 13 children's online activity on this site, it gives added peace of mind that their children's online experience is free of any dangers from cyber-bullying.

Parents can decide on the ages and genders of the users who can communicate with their child, additionally, when you setup your child's account, you set three questions with three answers that randomize each time your child is logging on, providing an extra level of security.

That's KoiniSecure in a nutshell: simple, smart and safe. Did we mention you get all of that above completely free?