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Do I need Parental Controls?

The law requires any company contacting under 13's to have parental permission and comply with additional restrictions on collecting children's information. Consequently most social networks just set a minimum age and ignore the fact that underage members are on their site. This can lead to young children viewing inapropriate content, or worse, receiving inapropriate contact. The big networks say that it is too complicated and too expensive to provide controls to help parents protect their children, we thought differently. You can now manage your children's online experience using the tools we created to prove them wrong.

  • Always There

    Always There

    With KoiniSecure, you don't need to be at home to access your parental controls, all you need is a place with internet access and you're set. Email notifications keep you up-to-date on social networking notifications and (if you have the KoiniSecure Browser installed) you can check on what your kids have been doing online at any time of day. (

  • Supports Open Communication

    Supports Communication

    Children are rebelious and rules are meant to be broken, that's why KoiniSecure supports the communication between parent and child. You can keep track of what your kids are doing online, from monitoring what websites they're visiting to seeing what their online profile looks like. Then you have everything you need to sit down and chat about it.

  • Easy Setup

    Easy Setup

    We realise that you might not be a super whizkid on computers, guess what? most people aren't. That shouldn't deter you from protecting your children though. We have made this signup quick and easy. Simply visit our signup page to create your parental account, and set up your childrens account, you can also download the KoiniSecure browser onto each computer that your children use (if required).

  • Easy To Use

    Easy to Use

    Easy? we think so, the simplified parent dashboard makes managing your kid's online experience simple and easy.

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